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Most parenting programs lead from a world perspective, even Christian ones. They teach that character is formed from external pressure. KidStrength4Life is different. Laurie Donahue, the founder, and 6 book author comes from a wide spectrum of experience in ministry and family. She believes that, in parenting, you need content from the perspective of Scripture that describes how God deals with us, ...It is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4). Jesus is our model.

Laurie wants for you to demonstrate heart-centered, gentle guidance (and when required, peaceful discipline with grace and forgiveness, that is short and effective.) KidStrength4Life will help you to guide your kids so their character change internal, which is the only real, and lasting change. Not sure how? 
I want to help you.

Laurie's Family

Courses and resources, Zoom mentoring, Adventure Parenting-With Grace podcast, and kid's books are just a few ways Laurie shares her vision of gospel parenting with you.

KidStrength4Life is a support experience, especially for parents, dedicated to growing their kids in faith and character. It is based on 3-Key elements: Identity, Communication, and Character. It was developed by Laurie Donahue who has worked in children's ministry for nearly all of her life. Laurie knows how to give kids what they need so they can grow spiritually and in their walk with God. Laurie is the author of 6 children's books and the founder of LifeSong Publishers and KidStrength4Life.


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