14. Laurie Donahue- How to Discipline with Dignity, Both Yours and Your Kids

This week's podcast is about how to discipline your kids with dignity- both yours and theirs. Laurie Donahue brings excerpts from a video course she has written called, Discipline with Dignity. This is an overview of the anger and frustration of parents, the "leading gently" strategy, and the "stronger discipline" strategy. She talks about the advantage of one strategy over the other. 

0:00   Intro
2:22   You are a divine gift
3:24   Our gut reaction vs speaking life into our kids
4:12   The reactive parent
8:07   Leading gently strategy
11:43  Discipline is not punishment
12:25  When leading gently doesn't work
13:00  Learning authority 
14:58  Using stronger discipline
17:06  Where to start
18:07 Steps of discipline
18:35  Final words

Laurie Donahue has written/co-written 6 books for children. Five of them were published by Lifesong Publishers. (Laurie's publishing company) She has a lifetime California Community College teaching credential. She has been a conference speaker and blogger and has taught in children's programs most of her life. But her best education of all is raising 4 daughters and enjoying 8 wonderful grandchildren. She has been married to Tim for almost 45 years and has accompanied him on many international medical mission trips as a translator and pharmacy assistant.

Laurie has written and recorded a parenting video course called Discipline with Dignity. It is available for purchase for less than the cost of a book. And with it comes 2 meetings on Zoom, lasting 45 minutes each, to discuss the strategies further. You can get that course here.

Laurie talks about the 10 Tips to Lead Gently pdf download. You can get that pdf here.

The hub for both free and paid products is https://kidstrength4life.com.

Thank you for being part of the KidStrength4Life family and remember to rest in the Lord this week!