17. Jenn Thompson- The Single Parenting Journey (part 3)

The single parent has very special needs and concerns. Jenn Thompson gives us a very transparent look at her parenting journey as a single parent. She shares the joys, the difficulties, the challenges, her coping tips, and how people can best come alongside a single parent. This week Jenn talks about Her identity as a single mom, her role as sole provider, role models for her sons, conflicts with her son's father, and community as a single parent. 

00:00  Introduction
01:10  Identity as a single mom
03:13  Role as the sole provider/ single mothers are not fathers
04:12  Role models
05:27  Dealing with conflicts with son's father
10:56  Unique frustrations and emotions
11:53  It takes a village- finding community
12:40 Teach your kids to be involved
13:20 Social media and comparison
13:55 Find humor
17:01 Your learning moments and chaos
18:33 Final words

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Remember to rest in the Lord this week!