22. A Dad's Parenting Perspective with Michael Kilpatrick (part 1)

We have a great podcast this morning and a bit different from previous podcasts because we get to hear a different perspective. Michael Kilpatrick is a dad. I talked to someone who knows him well and recommended him because she said he is such a good parent. 

Michael Kilpatrick is a farmer, podcast host, and inventor who helps farmers and others apply business principles and practical, proven solutions to grow their businesses and simplify their lives. He runs farmer training programs and he owns and operates the Farm on Central in Ohio.

Besides growing farmers and their businesses, he incorporates his faith in his daily life, and being a good dad to his growing family is a priority as well. Michael shares his thoughts and experiences in parenting. I really enjoyed talking to him as he was transparent with us and had some very interesting thoughts.

00:00   Introduction
02:58   Importance of goals and dreams 
04:08   Understanding their Faith
05:09   Teach them to critically think
06:04   Culture of learning
07:57   Teach kindness and empathy
10:56   What makes you unique as a father?
14:06   Balancing differences in kids
15:32   Small incremental rewards
16:27   Parenting boys and girls
18:57   Final words

Michael has multiple service-oriented businesses. Here are some links to his businesses:

The Farm on Central

Growing Farmer Training


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May you have a terrific week and remember to trust in the Lord this week!

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