26. Impact Your Holidays with Object Lessons (part 1), with Anne Marie Gosnell

During this Thanksgiving week, we are talking about gratitude and impactful tips for families during the holidays. Anne Marie Gosnell ministers to ministry leaders and parents. She is an author, blogger, and conference leader. We will talk about how we can impart gratitude to our kids and bring object lessons and ideas to you for a meaningful holiday. We will be releasing two podcasts this week, so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the second one!

00:00   Introduction
03:09   A little about Anne Marie
06:14   God chooses the humble
08:17   Why is gratitude important?
09:55   Learning of God's character
11:20   Who are you thankful to?
12:06  Models for the next generation
14:15  Examples of thankful people
14:45  Be thankful during heartbreaks
16:38  Don't forget to go back and be thankful after suffering resolves
17:18  The Gratitude Box
22:02  Final words

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