28. Mothers and Sons (and Fathers, Too) with Christie Thomas

We welcome Christie Thomas back to our Podcast. She previously appeared in Episode 3. Christie ministers to families and is a 5 book author, has written many Bible Studies, and runs Little Shoots Deep Roots, a ministry to equip and encourage parents to nurture deep faith roots in their families. Today she will be talking to parents of sons and sharing her book, The Mother and Son Prayer Journal.

00:00   Introduction
03:07   What is unique about boys?
04:46   What do we want the result to be in raising boys?
05:35   How much rough-housing is ok?
07:16   How do we grow our kids in spiritual maturity?
09:58   Family warmth
12:17   Little Shoots Deep Roots
13:26   God uses our little habits
16:06   Simple things for memory
17:19   The Mother and Son Prayer Journal
20:47   Are you interested in a parenting book study?
21:26   Closing 

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You can learn more about Christie and the things she is doing at https://LittleShootsDeepRoots.com.

If you are interested in doing a book study on Paul Tripp's Parenting in January, email me at [email protected]. We will use the book as a springboard for some good discussion. Let me know if you are interested so I can plan for it if there is enough interest.

Thanks for listening and remember to rest in the Lord this week!