30. Mom, Do You Feel Stuck? (Part 1), with Anna Mullikin

Moms, do you ever feel stuck? Anna Mullikin is a life coach who helps moms move from powerlessness to breakthrough, which she describes in the podcast. This podcast oozes and overflows with hope.

00:00 Introduction
02:29 Anna's mission
03:17 Inner healing
04:26 Where does healing power come from?
05:06 Role of motherhood- comfort, and breakthrough
06:41 Hebrews- the faith of a mom
07:42 Breakthrough defined
10:24 Discouragement and powerlessness
12:58 Exhaustion and overwhelm
15:10 Observed changes in a mom
17:23 Intro to the coaching components
17:58 Next podcast
18:35 Be in our Christmas podcast!

Anna Millikin is a wife, mom, and life coach for moms who are stuck and feel powerless. She brings a message of hope and direction for moms to move toward a preferred or beautiful future. To hear more from Anna, she can be found on Instagram at @AnnaResolved.

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