32. Mom, Do You Feel Stuck? (Part 2), with Anna Mullikin

Moms, do you ever feel stuck? Anna Mullikin is a life coach who helps moms move from powerlessness to breakthrough, which she describes in the podcast. This podcast oozes and overflows with hope as she goes through the steps she uses in her coaching.

00:00  Introduction
01:12  Components of the Breakthrough Cycle
01:35  Finding Clarity
02:12  Building Faith
04:23  Looking inward- Dual Posture
04:40  Faith and surrender
06:38  Faith Plus Surrender = Hope
06:53  Injured hope
08:28  Scientist as a designer in problem-solving
09:29  Mind-mapping
11:42  Victim mentality
12:32  3-Bold Actions
13:41  When hope is lost
16:16  How Anna can help
18:03  Final Words

Anna Millikin is a wife, mom, and life coach for moms who are stuck and feel powerless. She brings a message of hope and direction for moms to move toward a preferred or beautiful future. To hear more from Anna, she can be found on Instagram at @AnnaResolved.

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