37. Growing the Honesty Muscle in Our Kids (part 2), with Laurie Donahue

Do you ever find yourself hiding from the truth? There are 3 people with whom we need to be truthful.  without one, each of the others is affected. They are truthfulness with God, truthfulness with ourselves, and truthfulness with one another. This podcast, which was from a workshop I led a few years ago, is an introduction to growing in truthfulness in ourselves and our kids in each of these. This is the second podcast of this series. To hear the first, go back to podcast #36.

00:00  Self-handicapping (continuation from Podcast #36)
00:15  Introduction
01:59  Examples of the challenge of honesty
05:43  Come clean and closer to God
07:11  Ways we might lie to ourselves
13:41  Honesty is important to grow and my example
15:00  Effects of lying to ourselves
16:05  Final words and free offer 

I am excited to say there are some exciting things to come regarding this series! The first of which is a free Zoom group where we can talk and answer questions and support one another in developing honesty in our kids. Don't miss this opportunity! 

If you are interested, email me at: [email protected]

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