42. Finding Joy When You Aren't Feeling It (part 1), with Jaime Mitchell

This week we are talking about finding joy in the messy. Sometimes we are overwhelmed and don't know how there could be any joy anywhere. Jaime Mitchell, a wife, mother, and therapist, is with us to help us learn how to manage some of the burdens that we carry. So many of our burdens we put onto ourselves and God never intended us to carry them. This is the first of 3 in the series. 

00:00 Intro
03:33 Joy and our identity in Christ
03:50 What can bring you joy
06:00 Burdens we weren't meant to carry 
07:02 Systems that replace the goodness of God 
09:24 Is God's grace truly sufficient?
10:09 Sufficient for perfectionism
11:29 Identity wrapped in our kids
14:40 Humility as identity formation
15:22 A safe space of welcome for emotions in our kids
18:53 Final words

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Be sure to rest in the Lord this week. It is our only hope!