44. Finding Joy When You Aren't Feeling It (part 3), with Jaime Mitchell

Jaime Mitchell returns this week to talk about the fullness of joy affects everything we think and do! Our fullness of joy gives us the perspective that says I can trust Christ that His grace is sufficient for me in all things.  She shares takeaways and new habits that will be helpful when things don't go as we have planned. Jaime is a wife, mother, and therapist and shares from each perspective This is the third of 3 in the series. Please go back and listen to the first two if you haven't listened already.

00:00  Intro
01:53 Our unmet expectations
04:37 Tips for tantrums
07:19 How can we pivot our stressed emotions?
10:33 More takeaways
11:53 God's power over sin in us
13:17 Modeling God in us
13:47 New habits
16:16 Closing thought
17:06 Final words

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Be sure to rest in the Lord this week. He is our only hope!