54. Begin With the End in Mind- Actions and Measuring Progress (part 3), with Laurie Donahue

It has been said that to find success, we have to begin with the end in mind. In this series, Laurie guides families to prepare a unique family mission statement and code of priorities and goals. Be sure to listen multiple times to get a clear direction of how to create the mission statement and code that is suited to your family. Today we will be talking about actions and measuring to see if we are making progress toward our goals. You might want to have ready a few pieces of 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper and a pen or pencil.

00:00  Intro
02:21  One top priority long-term goal
03:11  Prepare a new paper with folded lengthwise
04:14  Brainstorming actions
04:30  No negative actions
05:52  We want positive actions
07:39  Begin writing actions
08:28  Example of actions regarding a goal
13:18  Three ways to be generous 
15:50  Tips for co-operation
16:40  Measuring progress
19:17  Family communication
20:53  Closing words and opportunities

Be sure to return next week for final words, tips, and how to make a family top 10 rules that will help our family work together. We will have fun with this! Also, We are populating our YouTube channel. So you can begin to visit KidStrength4Life on YouTube! Please subscribe!

Thanks for being here! And remember to rest in the Lord this week!

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