56. Begin With the End in Mind- Let's Put This Thing In Motion! (part 4), with Laurie Donahue

It has been said that to find success, we have to begin with the end in mind. In this series, Laurie guides families to prepare a unique family mission statement and code of priorities and goals. Be sure to listen multiple times to get a clear direction of how to create the mission statement and code that is suited to your family. Today we are putting everything we have learned in the past 3 sessions in motion! 

00:00  Intro
01:33  The fluid process
02:31  The short-term goal
03:45  The long and short-term goal relationship
04:17  Why monitor progress?
05:28  Work on goals as a family
07:20  3 adjectives
09:37  No guilt!
10:15  No overwhelm!
10:28  No procrastination!
12:48  Make a timeline/deadline
13:47  A dream will not make you accomplish a goal
14:58  Make small milestones
16:37  Need a community of like-minded people
18:47  Parents be on the same team
19:10  Set up rewards
20:02  See goals as fun
20:21 Final words- Do you need a little more guidance or someone to walk alongside you?

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Thanks for being here! And remember to rest in the Lord this week!

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