62. Christian Character and Sports (part 2), with Kevin Bailey

Season #2

We're in a series called, the Christian and Sports. If you've heard the last few weeks you know that we're going over the three C's that are the basis for KidStrength4Life ministry. They are Christ-identity, Character, and Communication. The first three podcasts in Season 2 were about Christ-identity. If you haven't heard those episodes, I highly suggest you go back and listen!

Today we are listening to the second podcast in a series on character. An excellent place to form character is on a sports field! We had four daughters who all played Sports in some way as kids. It contributed so much to building their character! The highs and lows of failure and victory were all compacted into about an hour-and-a-half game! From the excitement of coming in first in their league to missing the final free throw that determines the championship game, they felt it all.

To bring character building under our Christ identity builds an internal strength that will last a lifetime and impact others for eternity!

Kevin Bailey is the lead pastor at Anthem Church in Camarillo. So let's welcome Kevin Bailey as he talks about the Christian and sports.

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