75. Our Kids' Personalities and Family Dynamics (part 1) with Christi Griffith

Season #2

Christi Has been a student of personalities for many years. She describes the personality types and the motivators in each type. She gives us great wisdom on how to approach our kids with different personalities and motivations. She gives living examples and how to react.

0:00    Introduction
3:29    Our kids, image-bearers of God
4:51    We are born into an existing dynamic
8:00    Nature vs. Nurture
10:27  Different personality traits from time perspectives
12:32  Different motivators for traits
15:43  How to respond to different personalities
20:28  Importance of awareness and honesty
21:30  Next week's topics
22:05  New opportunity

Christy Griffith provides piano and voice instruction at:

     Soli Deo Gloria Music Studio
     Voice and Piano Instruction
     West Orlando, FL

If you want to hear more from Christi, you can find her blog at: http://solideogloria-christigriffith.blogspot.com/

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