93. 10-minute Activities for Relationships and Learning (part 2), with Autumn McKay

Season #2

Do you want a better relationship with your child? Would you like your communication to be better?  Do you want your child to have something productive to do besides watching a screen? Well, today we again welcome Autumn McKay, who will inspire us to inspire our kids toward creativity and provide memories that will last a lifetime. If you have questions or would like to talk with me, you know you can always reach me at

 [email protected]

Autumn has experience as a classroom educator, as well as home-schooling her three kids, plus foster kids when they are in her home. She is married to her husband, who is an engineer and also contributes to her creative guidance. She teaches how to inspire creativity in kids through inspiring their parents. Autumn has graciously provided a packet of free activities for you to download. You can get them at her website,


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