KidStrength4Life Support Experience

Bring peace to your home and help your kids become strong through biblical identity, communication and character. Get help with those nagging questions like, what do I do when my 3 year old ignores my instructions? Or how do I talk to my kids when we lose a pet? Or how do I help my kids be kind to others? ...and much more

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Heart Change with motivation from the inside!

Instead  of obedience coming from external pressures, we will learn to build  our kid's desire for obedience through a Christ identity and internal strength that will carry them through any obstacle.

Communication that results in positive motivation

Some communication builds our kids and some destroys them. We will learn to know the difference and practice  positive communication that hears what our kids say and allows them to be heard.

Kids will want to be kind and caring to others

Build a permanent desire into your kids for compassion and caring for others and all aspects of character. Help them to understand how they can be Jesus' hands and feet to another.

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