51. Mr. Blue Summer Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! (part 3), with Laurie Donahue

Summer is almost here! And maybe it is already here for you! How do we keep our kids busy all summer and wouldn't it be great if were able to grow in different ways as they did their activities? Maybe they could grow in several areas. Here are a few:

  • Young ones could learn shapes and colors
  • Young ones could do a picture search on each page
  • Kids could learn how we work together and remain different at the same time
  • Kids could use their imaginations in creative projects
  • Kids could learn how God can use them in different ways 
  • Kids could use their hands and artwork in a creative way

And the list goes on and on! I use this podcast to explain some of the creative things that are included in the Mr. Blue book and how you can use these things as a springboard for other ideas. there are too many ideas to list, so I will let you discover them as you listen.

Here's something helpful! This is also in video form on the Adventure Parenting with Grace YouTube page. That would also be helpful to see what I am describing, so head on over there. And of course, if you haven't heard the story and the podcast that describes what gets in the way of finding God's purpose, head over there, too!

And last but not least, you would bless me (and others) enormously if you would send me back an email, including pictures or a video, describing what creative things you did, even if they are the same as what I mentioned. I would just love to see how you did them!

Here are the links:

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Mr. Blue- a Job for You YouTube reading

Mr. Blue- a Job for You Summer Ideas on YouTube

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Have fun with this! And remember to rest in the Lord this week!