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Parenting Is Hard... I Can Help 


Mom or Dad, are you feeling overwhelmed- maybe even sometimes like a "bad parent?"
We will guide you to lead your kids peacefully and joyfully, through God's design, with grace and mercy, so they will be resilient, compassionate, and purposeful in life.

Parents who lead their kids the way that God leads His kids, (with calmness and kindness), grow secure, obedient,  and resilient kids.

I want to be that mom or dad!

You'll feel confident

Your kids will listen

You'll love being a mom

Do these sound familiar?

Ever feel like a "bad mom"?

Yep, we've all been there. It is a lie, and I will show you why.

Do your kids crumble easily?

Yep, been there too! Build their strength now or it will get worse! 

Are you yelling all day long?

Yes, and how's that working out for you?... and counting to 10 is exhausting!

It's a crazy, scary world out there 

Our kids face challenges and decisions that we never had to face.

KidStrength4Life will take you on a transformational journey to help you build into your kids a clear and solid **Christ identity for strength that endures, 
**Communication that 
listens and impacts heart change, and
**Character that builds integrity!
KidStrength4Life is for moms and dads of 2-12-year-old kids.

Yes, I know strong kids need
strong moms and dads.
I want to be that mom or dad!

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Courses and resources on a variety of topics

along with more free stuff that will be added soon! 

Great resources!

Parenting coaching group or individual

Group coaching and individual coaching. Click here for a free 15-minute +5 coaching call.

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The Adventure Parenting- with Grace Podcast, interview style hosted by Laurie Donahue. 

Free podcast here

Community forum for support

Community is coming soon.
Stay tuned

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I care about your kids, and I care about you! I want these things for you:

  • to feel confident in your parenting.
  • to hear and be heard by your kids.
  • to watch your kids make good decisions.
  • for your kids to respond well when you speak to them.
  • to have others alongside that support you in your journey.
  • to fall in love with being a mom again.

    I'll guide you to make these happen.

KidStrength4Life is different 

Kids don't need parenting that only forces behavior from the outside. No, they need parenting that develops strength on the inside- a strength that comes from a Christ identity and communication that will motivate them toward an internal character that desires good decisions and choices. This character strength is the only one that will last and will will hold them up when the obstacles come.

Stop yelling at your kids! 

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Are you yelling at your kids all day? Tired of hearing your own voice? Here are aids to help you avoid harsh discipline. Train them to listen so you won't have to yell.

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