Coaching toward a peaceful, loving and adventure-filled home


Don't miss out on the daily joys of parenting! We will meet with you weekly with a gospel blueprint for today, because NOW is the time to lay the right foundation!... while you still can! 


Is this you?

  • I have to tell my kids 5 times or more before they obey.
  • I have to yell (and I mean yell!) before my kids will hear (or acknowledge) me. 
  • My kids won't talk to me about their day.
  • I catch my kids lying to me or stealing what doesn't belong to them.
  • I am angry daily and I can't get a grip.
  • I don't like being a parent. I want to quit.

God's parenting model works! 

Parenting strategies are broken. Look around- suicides, parent anger, shootings, entitled kids, lack of respect, and the list goes on.

Most parenting programs teach that character is formed from external pressure. We coach from the perspective of Scripture that describes how God deals with us, ...It is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4). Jesus is our model. We will coach you toward a heart-centered, gentle guidance (and when required, peaceful discipline with grace and forgiveness, that is short and effective.) We guide you to lead an internal change, which is the only real, and lasting change. Not sure how? 
I want to help you.

Sounds great, I want in!

How do we guide moms to help their kids grow in FAITH and CHARACTER?

Group Coaching

Two weeks a month we will have a scheduled group coaching session. When you join, you will feel at peace knowing you are learning an effective approach and practical ideas, and you will be full of hope, as you deal with a variety of situations. 

We will meet for 45 minutes during which time:

  • You will learn practical ideas that solve problems.

  • You will build a parenting foundation based on God's Word.

  • You will love parenting again. 

  • We will guide you in communication that is peace-producing, calm, and effective.

This Sounds Great!

  • KidStrength4Life is built on a Christian foundation.  Anyone can join, will learn a lot, and is welcome!

You will be a part of a private community

We will have our own closed member community forum for discussion, challenging one another, and motivating one another. (It is not Facebook) You can share what has worked and what didn't work in training your kids. We will link arms and we will celebrate our wins and support each other in our struggles. 

I don't want help with God-centered parenting now, but I want more info!

Is the scary world calling 
to your child in a bad way?

You can be solution! 


you will develop tools to nurture your child's spiritual walk and build their character. 

So many good things are coming!

Click here to get more information on what is coming.

Yes, I want in to Kidstrength4Life

This Sounds Great!


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