45. Growing the Honesty Muscle In Our Kids (part 4), with Laurie Donahue

Do you ever find yourself hiding from the truth? There are 3 people with whom we need to be truthful. Without one, each of the others is affected. They are truthfulness with God, truthfulness with ourselves, and truthfulness with one another. This podcast, which was from a workshop I led a few years ago, is an introduction to growing in truthfulness in ourselves and our kids in each of these. This is the fourth podcast of this series and it is about truthfulness with one another. To hear the first, second, and third go back to podcasts #36, #37, and #38. Be sure to stay to the end because I list several resources that I have made available to you.

00:00  Introduction
02:27  A bit of review
03:21  Honesty with others
04:47  Why do our kids lie?
05:37  2 ways to help them be authentic
06:12  They want things they don't have
07:05  They want control
07:58  They're afraid of losing something
09:15  They want value
10:00  Lying stunts our growth
11:52  Train their hearts
12:47  A lying story of my own
14:35  Opportunites, resources and final words

I referred to several resources in this podcast. They are listed below:

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