48. How Do We Train the Alpha Generation? (part 3), with Janine McNally

In what ways is culture dictating your parenting... or is it? Janine McNally has studied this topic and especially for the Alpha Generation. Tune in to find out who the Alpha Generation is and how they are affected by our today's culture. Find out how you can approach the many questions that parents have today on this topic! Join Janine and Laurie in this discussion of the Alpha Generation.

00:00  Introduction
01:38  Where do we find hope?
04:17  Lean into the Lord
05:00  Parenting approach is a package
07:28  Our tween-agers
08:20  Cognitive pruning stage
10:50  Make the Bible relevant
10:52  More solutions for communication
13:16  Become a Coach
15:07  Build spiritual habits
17:58  Leaving the church? Become spiritually relevant, hypocrisy, and unbelief
22:16  Need to experience God for themselves
23:06  Find Janine
25:10  Final Words
17:09  Closing comments

This is the third of multiple interview segments with Janine McNally. Janine is a doctoral student and is releasing her first book, WhenYou See Fireflies in May 2023, which is about the ministry and parenting of the Alpha Generation. You can find out more about Janine and her ministries at Grace4Kidz.org.

I mentioned some resources that you might find helpful in your parenting. You can check these out for tips and parenting ideas.

As always, please contact me at [email protected] with any needs or questions you might have regarding parenting or faith. You can find more information about my ministries at KidStrength4Life.com.

And always, remember to rest in the Lord this week!